Charlie Cathcart
Front-End Designer & Developer


Welcome to App-Vember: Design a Medication Tracking App in 30 Days

This past March, my wife was in a horrible car wreck. After three and a half months in the hospital, she finally came home. After caring for her these past 4 months, I have found managing her medications to be among the most difficult duties I have as a caregiver.

So for the month of November, which I’m calling App-Vember, it’s my goal to design a full prototype of an advanced medication management app for caregivers or those who need to track complex medication regimens.

I have a few steps in the process of designing the app. First, I’m putting out a survey on social media to collect user requirements. Next I’ll be writing up the requirements as a see them. I’ll come up with branding for the app. Then I’ll be creating rough wireframes followed by detailed screen mockups in Sketch. Lastly, I’ll put it all together in a prototyping tool like InVision or Adobe XD.