Charlie Cathcart
Front-End Designer & Developer


Building beautiful, useable, and accessible web applications for the government, healthcare, and non-profit industries since 1999.


Charlie Cathcart

I began creating for the web in 1999 for the Naval Air Systems Command in Southern Maryland. Having studied graphic design and printing in high school, I began as a web developer, but always utilized my design skills to give my web applications a little extra. In 2006, I transitioned to web design exclusively, and have been focused on front-end design and development since.

In 2013, I began working at a company that created SaaS web applications for healthcare providers. It was during that time that I began reading about pattern libraries and design systems. I quickly became hooked on the idea, and built two design systems for an electronic health records SaaS app, and a new patient portal application they were building. The portal had strict accessibility requirements, and needed to be developed quickly. I knew a design system was the perfect solution. Four years later, I was proud to hear that the design system I built was still in use and being iterated upon.

My design philosophy is to focus on the end-user, and do whatever I can to make the site easy to use, attractive, and accessible for everyone. After nearly two decades of building websites, I have been exposed to a large variety of users, colleagues, and stakeholders, and have learned to collaborate with all of them to produce something truly exciting.